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This foundation system is unlike the traditional Irish foundations. The Supergrund system is a Swedish design manufactured by Aeroboard Ireland. This system works on the concept of wrapping the entire concrete slab in insulation.

Along the perimeter of the foundation is a high strength "F Profile" insulated (EPS 300) ring beam with the enclosed area being filled with between 300 - 400mm of EPS 100 insulation; ensuring that the entire slab is wrapped in insulation, eliminating thermal bridging (typical u-value 0.100-0.155 W/m2K) and also protecting the structure from moisture.

As this foundation system is relatively new to Irish construction; I feel it is crucial to develop your knowledge of it by portraying the steps involved in the construction process:

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The first step involved in this process is to simply compact the hardcore.

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Next the radon barrier is installed; followed by a 30mm layer of sand binding.

Once this is complete the installation of F profile ringbeam former can begin.

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Once the ring beam former is installed around the perimeter the sand binding can be

raked level; in preparation for laying the EPS 100 insulation.

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The enclosed area can then be filled with 100mm thick EPS 100 insulation.

Typically 300mm - 400mm of EPS 100 is installed.

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Once the EPS 100 is installed, work can begin on the ringbeam itself.                          

Ø12 steel reinforcement is inserted into the F Profile.                                                        

This reinforced steel is supported by stainless steel ties.

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Next the steel reinforcement for the slab is installed in the enclosed area.

Note: in this image underfloor heating pipes are tied to the steel.

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The final step is the pouring of the foundation.

Below is a simple cross-sectional view of the Supergrund System.

Supergrund opt

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